Loubet Vineyards – 2003 Loubet Cabernet Update…..

This is aFinalLABEL brief update of our 2003 Loubet Cabernet. For those who have not received the latest winemaker’s tasting notes, please click here to review.

I am very pleased to say that the wine is now being carried by the renowned Oakville Grocery, built in 1881 as a general store, which carries high-end fare and difficult-to-find wines; custom-packed picnic baskets are a specialty. “It’s a pleasant place to sit on a bench out front and sip an espresso (Fodor’s)”. http://www.oakvillegrocery.com/

Our wine is also being served at the newly opened Press restaurant in St. Helena, which was recently featured in “Think Globally, Drink Locally” Food Arts Magazine, Fall 2005, “When I traveled to Bordeaux, they drink only Bordeaux wines. In Burgundy, it’s only Burgundy; so in Napa, why shouldn’t it be only Napa wine?” asks Leslie Rudd, owner of Napa Valley’s
Rudd Winery and Vineyards in Oakville. As the chairman of Dean & DeLuca, the retailer gourmet food and fine wine headquartered in New York City, Rudd is a veteran supporter of Napa Valley wine producers, but he long dreamed of a restaurant where his fellow winemakers – his neighbors – could “enjoy the very best of the seasons, showcase our efforts, and support the small, local people.” http://www.presssthelena.com/index.aspx

The 2004 Loubet Cabernet is comfortably resting in oak barrels at Micro Crush under the watchful eye of winemaker Art Finklestein. Having barrel
tasted the wine, we are enthusiastic about its release around June 2006. Plus the quantities will be significantly increased over the 2003 release,
which is now in short supply due to the demand for the wine. We are eagerly awaiting the harvesting of the 2005 Loubet Cabernet. In
addition to the Cabernet, we have added Merlot and significantly increased the quantity and expect to have four different wines when ultimately
released. In addition to the Cabernet and Merlot, there will be a Meritage as well as a Red Table Wine. The harvest is quite late this year
due to cooler than expected temperatures along with high rainfall during the past winter, but will take place in the next 2-3 weeks if not sooner.

Thank you for your support,
Henry Loubet